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Our Vision:

Talk to anybody who knows Watsonville soccer, and you'll hear the same thing: "So many great players, but nothing to show for it."

Ville FC is here to change that.

Built by people from the community. We simply think it's time to do something with the talent that has gone wasted over the years.

Based in Watsonville, Calif., a small coastal town known for its rich agriculture and hard-working migrant families, Ville FC draws from a rich pool. The Watsonville High School team is consistently ranked among the top in the nation. And yet, because of socioeconomics and other factors, few players have gone on to four-year universities. Even fewer have gone pro.

By building a competitive team and earning showcases in front of MLS clubs, maybe now the ones who would slip through the cracks will be noticed.

If you know this story, you feel our vision. If you feel our vision, this is your team. #WeAreVilleFC

Team Roster
  • Alejandro Angel

  • Chistian Rodriguez

  • alexis Rincon

  • Omar Garibay

  • Alejandro Cribrian

  • Armando Martinez

  • Isacc murrillo

  • Jose ORtega

  • Luis Orendain

  • Esteban a Collazo B

  • Cesar Rodriguez

  • Luis Sedano

  • Victor Rodriguez

  • Vladimio Mendoza

  • Martin Lopez 

  • Brandon Savala

  • Erik Herrera

  • Abraham Cruz

  • Anthony Hurtado

  • Cristian Cisneros

  • Jesus Flores

  • Leonel Rodriguez

  • Fernando Sedano

  • Jose Gonzalez

  • Ricardo Alvarado

  • Omar Guzman

  • Ulises Lopez

  • Edi Magdaleno

  • Jesus Miranda

  • Christian Zamora

  • Cesar Zamora

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